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Client Feedback 

"I really enjoyed my art therapy sessions and found it was a useful balance of art making and talking. Sometimes I had a difficult time articulating myself and was able to in my chosen art making"

"I think that I have gotten to know myself a lot more through therapy sessions and getting to know my strengths and resources and how I can self-care. It was also useful to have aesthetic distance when working through some more difficult emotional content."

"This has been a hugely rewarding and healing journey. I didn't know what to expect from the art element but I found that all of the techniques that we used throughout the therapy, really added another layer to my embodiment of the work we were doing. It become much more than just talking and I continue to refer back to what we did often. I think the images and symbols that we were able to tie in where hugely beneficial in finding an integration of my healing into my life and moving forward."

"I am integrated and free. I feel at peace with my stories and the variations of me but much less controlled by them or at their mercy. I am the conductor now and I feel relief that I am able to be whole and as one without having to shun any parts of myself."

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