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Creative Journaling Groups

I offer a variety of creative journaling groups both in person and online. My groups provide a nurturing environment for exploration and healing.

Through expressive writing, art therapy techniques, and shared experiences, I guide individuals to get in touch with their creativity in new ways. As an experienced facilitator, I'm dedicated to providing a safe and supportive space where you can cultivate resilience, self-awareness, and empowerment.


Maternal Journal

Our groups support the mental health and wellbeing of mothers through creativity and connection. The groups help with anxiety, negative self-image and low mood through supportive, non-judgemental sessions.  Mothers are given a chance to offload, discuss, create, express and connect, in a community of people going through similar challenges.  

You will be guided through creative journaling activities within sessions and all will be given your own journal to keep throughout the weekly sessions and beyond.  This helps you to continue with the creative outlet of journaling between sessions and following the project, extending the positive impact of the work.

Feminine Energy & Embodiment Practice Creative Journaling

Experience the freedom of expression in our Feminine Energy & Embodiment Practice Creative Journaling Circles. Explore memories, emotions, and dreams in a women's only circle, guided by archetypal work, mythology, and seasonal cycles. Connect with your inner wisdom and embrace the natural rhythms of life. 

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