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Maternal Journal 

I facilitate Maternal Journal groups in South East London. Supporting pregnant women, birthing people and mothers with the challenges and new experiences of parenthood through creative journaling and sharing experiences to increase wellbeing, connection and community.  


What is it?

Our groups support the mental health and wellbeing of mothers through creativity and connection. The groups help with anxiety, negative self-image and low mood through supportive, non-judgemental sessions.  Mothers are given a chance to offload, discuss, create, express and connect, in a community of people going through similar challenges.  

You will be guided through creative journaling activities within sessions and all will be given your own journal to keep throughout the weekly sessions and beyond.  This helps you to continue with the creative outlet of journaling between sessions and following the project, extending the positive impact of the work.


“Tackling issues/feelings through art was enjoyable and meditative. I wouldn’t have found the time to do this without the guidance of the group facilitators. I always felt good after leaving and enjoyed creating.”

“The experience of sharing in a confidential and supportive group was extremely positive for my mental health. Through sharing and hearing others’ experiences, I felt validated, heard and a sense of healing”

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