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More about Art Therapy

Art therapy has nothing to do with technical ability. It's about tapping into your creativity, whatever form that make take in the moment. It looks different for everyone.I use painting, drawing, clay, play-doh, sand, objects and metaphor to encourage seeing day to day patterns and difficulties in a new light.

I hope to be able to support everyone I work with to connect with a broader spectrum of expression through the use of the arts. Encouraging people to connect with themselves in new ways and to become more in tune with body as well as mind.

I strongly feel that having a weekly space in which to get to know new forms of expression; embodied, visual and imaginative, can help people make genuine contact with deep parts of themselves.


 “Healing does not happen when we cut ourselves off from this world, but when we immerse ourselves in it in new ways” (Sean McNiff). 

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