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Perinatal Support  

Having a baby can be one of the most wonderful things, a time of immense joy and happiness, but it can also but bring with it a lot of stress and anxiety. From the overwhelming physical changes that come with pregnancy to the emotional rollercoaster of motherhood, the transition mothers go through cannot be understated. I offer blocks of 4-6 sessions to work specifically with women experiencing anxiety around this phase of life. 

What might the sessions look like? 

As an art therapist, and a mother myself, I have experienced firsthand the challenges that pregnant women and new mums face; including a sense of loss; a loss of control over our lives, time, body and relationships, a loss of our former identity and potentially a loss in our social standing connected to career. It comes with overwhelming hormonal changes which create challenges to mood and emotional wellbeing. We also re-experience aspects of our own childhoods as we parent which can be both triggering and painful.

Our work together is tailored to your individual needs and experiences. Through open dialogue and personalised exercises, we explore the root of your anxiety and develop practical strategies for managing it. These may include relaxation techniques, self-compassion exercises, and imagery-based methods.

Each session is designed to empower you with tools for coping with anxiety and fostering resilience. 


Additional Training 

College of Perinatal Emotional Health 

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